Bags,Totes, Backpacks, Duffles – BEIS Has It All

Travel is an important part of life. It exposes you to different cultures, foods and traditions. Travel is relaxing and an escape from reality. Whether you’re taking a weekend getaway to a new community or flying across the country to visit friends and family, travel takes you out of your comfort zone to challenge you. It can transform your perspective and open new doors for new friends and experiences. Make your travel easier with stylish and functional travel bags women to ease your mind when packing.

Pack For Just The Weekend

Weekend getaways can be extra special, even though you may not have much time to explore. Backpacks and small totes can help you keep from overpacking, while still giving you space to pack up everything you need. Beis has a large variety of styles, colors and patterns to let you find the perfect tote for a short holiday. Don’t forget the Dopp Kit, which can hold your toiletries, protecting your clothes and accessories from liquids or gels that might leak. You’ll have the perfect bag that goes with you into the shower and packs up easily when you’re ready to go.

Pack For A Longer Trip

With a longer vacation, you’ll want a luggage set that goes through the airport easily while carrying everything you want when you’re out of town. Look for suitcases that have plenty of compartments to stash all your accessories, making them easy to find and protect. A set of luggage that matches makes it easier to find on the carousel or in the luggage bins on a plane. Soft-sided luggage works better in a car trunk, where you can maximize space by squeezing in extra things. If you’re going on a cruise or flying, you may want flat, rigid suitcases that protect the contents when your luggage is stacked with a bunch of other people’s suitcases.

Look For Functional Luggage

Your luggage should be durable. Make sure the zippers, fabric and other features will hold up wherever you travel. Bigger pieces should have wheels to save your muscles and back. Many luggage sets have wheels on the larger pieces, with options to connect the smaller bags to those pieces to make travel a little easier. Just keep in mind that wheels take up space, so you may have to pack a little lighter. Luggage pieces with lots of pockets give you even more ways to pack everything apart. Check for secure luggage sets that have locks and secure pouches for electronics.

Always Look Stylish

Even though you want functional travel sets, you also want to look great when you’re traveling. A classic suitcase in a neutral color will last a few years and go with any outfit you want to wear. Accessorize your wardrobe with trendy shoes and fashionable scarves that provide style. If you travel for both personal and business, a classic luggage set will look appropriate in any situation. You’ll feel like an accomplished traveler when you have the right luggage for your trip. Find it all at Beis.

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