How to Change Name in PUBG: Quick & Easy Guide

To change your name in PUBG, purchase a Rename Card from the in-game Shop. Use the card in your inventory to input your new desired name.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) continues to be one of the most famous battle royale games, captivating players around the globe with its intense gameplay and customization options. A significant part of your in-game identity is your username, which can sometimes demand a change—a fresh start or a new identity to match your evolving gaming style.

But altering your username isn’t something you can do at a whim; it requires a Rename Card. Gamers often reach a point where they feel their current moniker no longer represents them, prompting the need for this straightforward yet critical tweak in their virtual representation. Remember that the Rename Card is a sought-after item, meaning that thoughtful consideration should accompany any decision to alter your PUBG name to ensure it perfectly fits your persona.

The Popularity Of Pubg

The meteoric rise of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has reshaped the landscape of multiplayer gaming. Slinging players into a tumultuous battle for survival, the game has evolved into a household name. Intense gameplay and the thrill of victory have firmly established PUBG’s cult following. Now, let’s examine the factors contributing to its soaring popularity.

Rise Of Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale games burst onto the scene and captured hearts worldwide. The simple concept

– outlast everyone

– sparked a wildfire of excitement.

Players from all around the globe flock to these games, yearning for that adrenaline-pumping showdown. PUBG’s launch acted as a catalyst, bringing this genre into the limelight.

Pubg’s Impact On Gaming Culture

PUBG not only grabbed attention; it built a culture. Friends teaming up for that coveted ‘Chicken Dinner’, the scream of delight after a hard-earned win, became part of gamers’ daily lives. This game didn’t just set standards; it inspired a generation. Emotes, outfits, and yes, even changing your name became symbolic rites of passage in PUBG.

The Significance Of In-game Names

Your in-game name in PUBG is more than just a string of characters. It’s your identity in the sprawling battlefield. A good name can make you stand out from the crowd and tell your enemies you mean business. Choosing the right name is the first step to becoming a legend in the game.

Personal Identity In Virtual Worlds

Picking a name in PUBG creates your virtual persona. This name travels with you through every match and every epic victory. It’s your badge of honour. Friends and foes alike will recognize you by this name. Make it memorable, make it unique.

First Impressions: The Power Of A Name

First impressions matter, even in the virtual world of PUBG. A mighty name sets the tone for your game. It can intimidate opponents or bring a smile to teammates. Your name is your first chance to impact the game without firing a single shot.

Remember: A tremendous in-game name reflects your style and personality. It’s a decision that deserves thought. Ready to make the change? Follow these steps to ensure you land a name that makes its mark in the world of PUBG.

Reasons For Name Changes

Players often decide to change their names in PUBG for various reasons. A new name can mean a fresh start, a corrected mistake, or a whole new identity in the gaming world. Understanding why gamers opt for a name change sheds light on the importance of a player’s in-game persona.

Rebranding Your Gaming Persona

Embarking on a new journey in PUBG sometimes calls for a complete makeover, starting with your name. A new brand for your gaming persona can reflect growth, new affiliations, or a change in style. It’s not just an update; it’s a declaration of evolution in the virtual battleground.

  • Redefine your presence in the PUBG community.
  • Align with a new clan or team to showcase unity and loyalty.
  • Showcase a new level of expertise with a name that intimidates.

Correcting Mistakes And Regrets

It’s common to rush into choosing a name and then regret it. A name change in PUBG allows you to correct typos, adjust inappropriateness, or move on from a past choice that no longer suits you.

  1. Fix a name that was chosen hastily and doesn’t resonate.
  2. Erase past names that might not represent who you are now.
  3. Adapt to a more mature gaming identity as you evolve.

Preliminary Steps

Are you revamping your PUBG identity? A fresh start often calls for a new name. But hold up, player! Take your time. Take these initial steps to ensure a smooth name-change process. Remember these guidelines; you’ll be rebranded and ready to drop quickly!

Understanding Pubg’s Policies

Know the rules to play the game. PUBG has a strict set of policies for name changes.

  • Names must be respectful and non-offensive.
  • No impersonation of other players or officials.
  • Special characters are a no-go.

What You Need Before Changing Your Name

Preparation is key. Ensure you have these before proceeding:

  1. A name-change card. You receive one at level 10, or you can purchase it.
  2. Your new name is ready to go. Make it unique.
  3. Check availability. Another player should not take the name.

Step-by-step Name Change Process

Are you ready to have a fresh identity at PUBG? Follow this simple guide.

Locating The Name Change Option

First, let’s find where to begin your name change journey:

  1. Open PUBG on your device.
  2. Tap the inventory button on the bottom right.
  3. Your profile icon is in the top right corner. Tap it.
  4. Spot the crate icon next to your current name.

If a crate icon shows, you’re set to change your name.

Using A Rename Card

Now, let’s use a Rename Card for your new PUBG name:

  1. Click the crate icon. A dialog box will appear.
  2. If you have a Rename Card, tap ‘Use’.
  3. No Rename Card? Go to the Shop to get one.
  4. Once you tap ‘Use’, type your new name.
  5. Hit Save, and enjoy your new identity!

Remember to choose a name you will love!

Step Action Result
1 Open Inventory Access profile settings
2 Tap Profile Icon Find crate icon
3 Use Rename Card Enter new name

Tip: Double-check for typos before saving your new name.

Acquiring A Rename Card

Ready to switch up your identity in PUBG? You will need a Rename Card. After a fresh start or just a fresh name, that little card is your ticket to a new in-game persona. Let’s dive into the different ways to get one!

Purchase Through In-game Store

One of the quickest ways to get a Rename Card is by buying one. Follow these steps:

  1. Open PUBG and head to the main menu.
  2. Select the ‘Store’ option at the bottom.
  3. Click on ‘Treasures’ to find the Rename Card listed.
  4. Exchange your in-game currency (UC) for the card.

Remember, you need enough UC. So, check your balance before you proceed!

Earning Rename Cards Via Missions

Don’t have UC? Don’t worry! PUBG also rewards players with Rename Cards:

  • Complete specific missions offered in the game.
  • Check the ‘Missions’ tab often to spot these opportunities.
  • Certain levels in the ‘Progress Missions’ also gift you a card.
  • Keep an eye on special events, as PUBG often offers Rename Cards.

Play regularly and keep tracking your missions to score that card without spending!

Tips For Choosing A New Name

Tips for Choosing a New Name in PUBG are crucial for standing out in the battleground. Your name is more than a label; it’s your gaming identity. It projects your persona, instilling awe and fear in other players’ hearts. So, choosing the right one is vital. Follow these steps to pick a name as epic as your gameplay.

Brainstorming A Unique Id

  • Think of favourites: Jot down top movies, books, or characters. Unique blends or twists can inspire an excellent ID.
  • Incorporate hobbies: Merge your pastimes with adjectives. “StealthCoder” or “PixelPainter” can be catchy.
  • Use name generators: Online tools provide fresh ideas. Use them for inspiration, then tweak the results.

Avoiding The Common Pitfalls

  1. Steer clear of overused terms: “Killer,” “Sniper,” and “Pro” are overplayed. Aim for more creativity in your name.
  2. Bypass offensive language: Keep it clean to avoid reports or bans. Choose a name all can respect.
  3. Avoid complex spellings. If it’s hard to say, it’s hard to remember. Choose a simple moniker.

Post Name Change Considerations

So, you’ve changed your name in PUBG. Great job! But there’s more to do than just admiring your new nickname. Let’s dig into the steps you must take next to make your transition smooth and confusion-free for everyone you play with.

Notifying Your Squad

First things first: let your squad know about your new name. This can prevent mix-ups during gameplay or friend invites. Send a quick message to your team using these steps:

  • Open PUBG and navigate to your friend list.
  • Click on the message icon to chat.
  • Type in the announcement of your name change.
  • Hit send, and you’re done!

Remember: Confirm they’ve seen your message to avoid confusion during the next match!

Adapting To Your New Identity

Having a new name might throw you off at first. Here’s how to make the adjustment easier:

  1. Practice playing solo games and watching for your new name in the kill feed.
  2. Update your gaming profiles and avatars to reflect your new identity.
  3. Remind yourself of the change before each game.

Give it some time, and soon, you’ll respond to your new name as quickly as your old one.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Are you encountering hiccups while changing your name in PUBG? Let’s tackle those pesky problems together. This guide specifically addresses the common issues players might face. Rest easy knowing solutions are at hand.

What If Your New Name Is Taken?

It’s frustrating to find your ideal username taken. But stay calm, here’s what to do:

  • Get creative: Combine words or use numbers to make your name unique.
  • Use special characters: Add a touch of flair with symbols (if allowed).
  • Seek inspiration: Look around for new ideas that reflect your style.

Remember, your name represents you on the battlefield, so pick wisely!

Technical Glitches During The Process

Technical issues can interrupt the name change process. Here’s how to resolve them:

  1. Restart the app: This can refresh your connection.
  2. Check the server status: Sometimes, the issue is on PUBG’s end.
  3. Update the game: Make sure you’re using the latest version.
  4. Clear cache: This simple step can solve many glitches.

Still stuck? Contact PUBG support for more help.

Alternatives To Name-Changing

Are you stuck with a PUBG name you don’t love? Fear not, adventurers and virtual sharpshooters. Besides the standard method for changing your name, there are a few alternative routes. When you save that in-game currency, these can save the day or look for a quick fix.

Creating A New Account

Starting anew can be exciting. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Log out from your current PUBG account.
  2. Select the ‘Create New Account’ option.
  3. Choose your new username.
  4. Enjoy your fresh start with a brand-new identity.

Remember, this means starting from scratch. Your progress, items, and rankings on the old account won’t carry over.

Living With A Less-than-perfect Name

Embrace your unique name. Find the fun in an imperfect handle. Consider the following:

  • Creating a backstory for your name adds depth and interest.
  • Stand out in the community with a name nobody else has.
  • Turn your name into a conversation starter with other players.
  • Build a brand around your name; let it define your gaming persona.

Sticking with your original name can show commitment and a sense of identity.


Wrapping up and changing your PUBG name is simple. Follow the steps outlined to refresh your gaming identity quickly and hassle-free. Remember, name changes require a Rename Card, so use them wisely! Now, jump back into the battlefield, sporting your new moniker and continue your quest for that coveted chicken dinner.

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