Zero Recoil Sensitivity Settings for Pubg Mobile: Master No Recoil

The best sensitivity settings for zero recoil in PUBG Mobile depend on individual gameplay preferences and device specifications. Achieving zero recoil requires optimal camera, ADS, and gyro sensitivity settings and choosing suitable weapons and attachments.

A good starting point is to adjust camera sensitivity to around 115% for TPP and 105% for FPP. Then, gradually increase ADS sensitivity until recoil is minimized for each weapon. Gyro sensitivity can also help control recoil for high-recoiling weapons.

Experiment with various settings in training mode until the desired results are achieved. Remember to consider the size of your device as well, as larger devices typically have less recoil.

Understanding Recoil In Pubg Mobile

zero recoil best sensitivity settings for pubg mobile no recoil

Achieving zero recoil in Pubg Mobile requires finding the best sensitivity settings for your device. Focus on adjusting the ADS sensitivity, which can be found under Settings, then Sensitivity. Experiment until you find the perfect combination that provides you with no recoil and perfect aim, similar to famous pro player Mortal’s settings.

Understanding Recoil in Pubg Mobile Recoil is the backward movement of a gun when a bullet is fired. In Pubg Mobile, recoil affects the accuracy of your aim when shooting. Recoil can be a significant factor in deciding the outcome of battles in the game. Experienced players control recoil to maintain a steady aim on opponents. What is Recoil? Recoil is when the gun’s barrel kicks upwards and backwards after firing a shot.

The gun’s specific suns with higher recoil will kick with more force when fired, making it more challenging to maintain aim. Players can overcome recoil by using attachments, different firing modes, or adjusting their sensitivity settitats determine the recoil’s severity, the attachment used, and the ammo type. Gngs. How Does Recoil Affect Gameplay? Players who do not control recoil may experience significant difficulty maintaining aim, making it hard to land hits on opponents, especially at a distance.

High recoil guns are particularly challenging to control, and spraying indiscriminately may lead to missed shots, giving opponents the chance to take you out. How to Control Recoil? While recoil cannot be eliminated, players can learn to mitigate it through different strategies. Among these strategies is using the correct attachments like compensators or suppressors.

Besides, trying out different firing modes, such as using single-shot fire or burst mode over full auto fire, eliminates the need to control recoil completely. Most importantly, adjusting your sensitivity settings is one of the most significant ways of controlling recoil by reducing the movement of the crosshair. By reducing the Sensitivity to an optimal point that is not too high or too low, the player can control recoil more effectively without sacrificing aim speed.

Factors To Consider In Setting Sensitivity For Zero Recoil

Setting Sensitivity for zero recoil in PUBG Mobile requires considering multiple factors, such as the device used, the player’s preferred grip, and gaming habits. Achieving no recoil and perfect aim requires adjusting ADS sensitivity settings for accurate aiming and smooth recoil control, with different values for TPP and FPP modes.

Setting Sensitivity for zero recoil is an essential skill for PUBG Mobile players to master. By adjusting the sensitivity settings, players can achieve more accurate shots and control their weapons better, leading to better overall gameplay. However, several factors must be considered before setting Sensitivity for zero recoil. This section will discuss the types of Sensitivity, the importance of ADS sensitivity, and ideal settings for smartphones and tablets.

Types of Sensitivity Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile can be classified into two categories: camera sensitivity and ADS sensitivity. Camera sensitivity controls the movement speed of the screen when a player swipes their finger on the screen.

On the other hand, ADS sensitivity refers to the movement speed when aiming down the sight (ADS) of a weapon. By adjusting both types of Sensitivity, players can achieve higher accuracy and lower recoil. The Importance of ADS Sensitivity ADS sensitivity is crucial in controlling recoil and achieving zero recoil settings. Players must go to the Settings menu to adjust ADS sensitivity and select the Sensitivity option.

By finding the ADS sensitivity option, players can adjust their Sensitivity to achieve zero recoil. Ideal Settings for Smartphones and Tablets The ideal sensitivity settings for mobile phones and tablets are different due to the screen size discrepancy. For a smartphone with a smaller screen, a lower sensitivity setting is optimal.

In contrast, a larger screened tablet will have more significant movements, leading to higher sensitivity requirements. Therefore, finding the ideal Sensitivity for mobile devices requires some trial and error to achieve zero recoil effectively.

Best Sensitivity Settings For Zero Recoil In Pubg Mobile

With these tips and tricks, you can get the best zero-recoil sensitivity settings for Pubg Mobile. Adjusting your camera sensitivity to TPP: 115% and FPP: 105% can help you achieve more accurate shots and hit more headshots without any recoil. Try these settings and improve your gameplay.

Tips For Adjusting Sensitivity Settings:

Adjusting sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile can significantly impact your gameplay. For zero recoil, it’s essential to find the perfect balance. Try experimenting with different sensitivity settings and find what works best for you. Here are some tips to adjust sensitivity settings:

  • Start with a low sensitivity setting and gradually increase it until you find the right balance.
  • Don’t try to copy someone else’s sensitivity settings. Every player has different preferences and playing styles.
  • Test your sensitivity settings in different game modes, such as training and classic.
  • Use your phone’s tilt and gyro features to improve your aim and accuracy.

Best Sensitivity Settings For Non-gyro Players:

If you’re not a fan of using tilt and gyro features, don’t worry! You can still have zero recoil by adjusting your sensitivity settings. Here are some recommended settings:

Setting Value
Camera Sensitivity (Free Look) 100%
Camera Sensitivity (Third Person Perspective) 130%
Camera Sensitivity (First Person Perspective) 120%
ADS Sensitivity (Non-Scopes) 60%
ADS Sensitivity (Red Dot) 60%
ADS Sensitivity (Holographic) 50%
ADS Sensitivity (2x Scope) 50%
ADS Sensitivity (3x Scope) 47%
ADS Sensitivity (4x ACOG Scope) 43%
ADS Sensitivity (6x Scope) 29%
ADS Sensitivity (8x Scope) 20%

Best Sensitivity Settings For Gyro Players:

If you’re a fan of using tilt and gyro features, you can take your gameplay to the next level by adjusting your sensitivity settings. Here are some recommended settings:

Setting Value
Camera Sensitivity (Free Look) 80%
Camera Sensitivity (Third Person Perspective) 120%
Camera Sensitivity (First Person Perspective) 110%
Gyro Sensitivity 300%
ADS Sensitivity (Non-Scopes) 60%
ADS Sensitivity (Red Dot) 60%
ADS Sensitivity (Holographic) 50%
ADS Sensitivity (2x Scope) 50%
ADS Sensitivity (3x Scope) 47%
ADS Sensitivity (4x ACOG Scope) 43%
ADS Sensitivity (6x Scope) 29%
ADS Sensitivity (8x Scope) 20%

Remember, these are just recommended settings. Test and adjust them until you find the perfect balance that suits your gameplay style. With the proper sensitivity settings, zero recoil is within reach in PUBG Mobile.

Expert Tips For Zero Recoil Sensitivity Settings

Learn how to get the perfect aim by setting up the Zero Recoil Best Sensitivity Settings for Pubg Mobile No Recoil with expert tips. Adjust your ADS sensitivity in the settings to control recoil and improve your chances of hitting more headshots.

Zero Recoil Sensitivity Settings for BGMI: When finding the zero recoil sensitivity settings for BGMI, there are a few things to keep in mind. One is the camera sensitivity, which should be set at TPP 115% and FPP 105%. Adjusting the ADS sensitivity and gyroscope sensitivity can also help control recoil. For some players, a sensitivity setting of 10-15% works perfectly for zero recoil.

Zero Recoil Sensitivity Settings for Android: The zero recoil sensitivity settings for Android can vary depending on the device used. However, some general advice is to find the right balance between Sensitivity and stability. A higher sensitivity might be helpfu but can also lead to shaky hand movements. Set your camera sensitivity between 100-120% and ADS sensitivity around 30% for better control. You can also try different combinations of Sensitivity to get your perfect setting.

Advice from Influential PUBG Mobile Players: In addition to the above tips, you can get expert advice from influential PUBG Mobile players. Many famous players, such as Mortal, Scout, and Dynamo, have shared their sensitivity settings on various social media platforms. You can also watch their live streams or gaming videos to learn from them. However, it is essential to remember that everyone’s play style is unique, and what works for them might work better for you.


Mastering the sensitivity settings in PUBG mobile is essential for any player who aims for zero recoil. By setting the camera and ADS sensitivity to optimal levels, players can gain more control over their aim and significantly reduce recoil. Experimenting with different sensitivity settings can be a game-changer and give players an edge.

Remember to start with minor adjustments and gradually increase them until you find the perfect balance that suits your playstyle. Practice and dominate your enemies with the best zero recoil sensitivity settings for PUBG mobile!

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