5 Questions to Ask Before the Discseel Procedure

If you’ve been dealing with spinal pain that results in limited mobility, there is hope. It is undoubtedly heartbreaking when back pain limits you from doing the activities you once enjoyed. Fortunately, the Discseel Procedure is a minimally invasive solution that targets the root cause of your condition and permanently relieves your pain.

However, acquiring the necessary knowledge enhances your comfort and confidence before undergoing this minimally invasive procedure. Here are essential questions to ask during the consultation session.

1. Is Discseel Procedure Necessary?

Discseel Procedure is an FDA-approved minimally invasive procedure to repair damaged spinal discs. As you age, your spinal discs tend to dry out or crack, leading them to lose height and cushioning ability. Also, poor posture, accidents or lifting heavy weights for a long duration can lead to spinal issues. Typically, Discseel is the ideal solution for sealing tears in the disc. When injected into the damaged disc, this adhesive is ideal for sealing the tears, promoting tissue growth and restoring the misaligned disc height. Surprisingly, this cutting-edge treatment is quick, taking an average of one hour, and doesn’t involve cutting.

2. Who Shouldn’t Undergo This Procedure?

The unique thing about the Discseel Procedure is that it has minimal to no complications. This is promising as nearly everyone suffering from degenerative disc disease can benefit from it. Furthermore, anyone who has undergone treatments like corticosteroid injections in the past without relief should try out the Discseel Procedure. The main advantage of this treatment option is that it’s viable for everyone and targets the root cause of your chronic pain. Unlike surgical interventions that limit people with diabetes, nerve disease and frequent cigarette smokers, the Discseel Procedure is open for everyone. Whether seeking long-term relief from failed back surgery, severe back injury, herniated discs or degenerative disc disease, the Discseel Procedure has you covered.

3. Which Pain Conditions Are Treated By The Discseel Procedure?

The Discseel Procedure is an ultimate alternative for spine surgeries and traditional spinal fusion. In contrast, this result-proven procedure is renowned for treating degenerative disc disease, and it is capable of treating other severe spine-related issues. Some conditions successfully treated by the Discseel Procedure include chronic lower back pain, Annular tears, Herniated discs, Leaky Disc Syndrome and Sciatica. Overall, this revolutionary procedure is designed to treat every form of chronic pain affecting your lower back.

4. What Are The Costs Of The Discseel Procedure?

The pain management doctor can only estimate the cost of your Discseel Procedure once they conduct a thorough evaluation, which includes imaging tests. However, it is good to know that this procedure is cheaper than the usual spinal fusion or surgery. Besides, even with its affordability, it still yields more results than costly yet risky surgeries.

5. What Can I Do To Prepare For The Procedure?

More preparation is needed when planning to undergo this minimally invasive procedure. However, it is good to adhere to healthy guidelines, including minimizing smoking, bending for long hours and lifting heavy objects. Besides, taking good care of your spine before the procedure can enhance quick recovery. Nonetheless, based on the imaging tests, your doctor can recommend the dos and don’ts before and after the Discseel Procedure.

While the list of questions doesn’t end here, it’s good to air your concerns to your doctor before the procedure. If you’re ready to learn more about the Discseel Procedure and find out whether it suits you, contact Dr. Wiederholz. Performance Pain and Sports Medicine specialists are dedicated to listening to your queries and offering top-quality healthcare service. Take the next step towards leading a pain-free life by scheduling a consultation today!

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