What Type Of Floor Would You Like To Install In Your Home?

All work must be carried out by an installer with adequate knowledge and sufficient experience. Would you hire a plumber to install a photovoltaic kit? Well, for furnished and wood floors you should hire a Siena Wood Floors expert, for a porcelain floor a tiller, and so on with each type of floor.

In this article, we explain what we should do before hiring an installer, and what we should observe about each company we talk to.

What To Take Into Account When Hiring A Wood Floor Installer?

All the activities we do must be planned and meditated beforehand. And of course, also if we want to carry out any installation, renovation, or any type of work in our house. We must always look for an approved and experienced installer for each type of work.

Whether it is laying a new floor, installing an air conditioning, heating, hot water system, a photovoltaic installation, a home automation system, changing windows, or new doors, we must take into account some tips before hiring a wood floor installer.

When we hire a company to install flooring in our home, we are putting our trust in those people. Therefore, if we have never hired the service of a specialist or professional technician, it is normal that we have doubts about the work to be done; in this case, you can hire recommended company of experts such as Siena Wood Floors. It is the reason why we must know the. And know if he is attentive, careful, and clean and cares about the quality of the work done.

If the experience with that company is satisfactory, you will probably repeat it the next time you need a similar job and recommend it to your circle of family and friends.

However, To Hire An Installation Company You Must Know Some Things:

Is The Company Registered With Social Security?

The fact that the installers are registered with Social Security guarantees that in the event of any accident, they have insured medical care and they are also contributing part of what we pay to contribute towards our medical care.

Do You Have Civil Liability Insurance?

All installation companies must have insurance that covers any incident on their clients’ property. Therefore, it is interesting to know that they have this type of insurance, so that any problem with the installation of our floor, or other damage caused during or because of the installation, is covered.

Do You Belong To Any Association Or Specialized Organization?

Belonging to an association or organization related to the type of flooring they install guarantees that employees are provided with continuous work-related training. These associations also organize occupational risk prevention courses, as well as facilitate the legal procedures of their members, and advise on civil liability insurance. That a company belongs to this type of organization gives us a certain guarantee of professionalism.

What Guarantee Does The Installation Company Offer On Its Work?

A porcelain floor, parquet, or any other type is an investment in our home. With the guarantee, the installer supports his work and gives us peace of mind. Ask them.

Does The Installer Have References And Positive Comments?

All people who request some type of work can review the evaluations that other users have made of the companies in our directory of collaborators. Of course, applicants for installing a new floor can also access opinions and ratings. And they can value their personal experience with the installers they have spoken to and the company that has handled their project.

Does The Installer Know The Flooring Regulations?

Each type of floor has its particularities and standards that must be met for correct installation. Any installer must show knowledge of the standards that govern their work. If not, how do we know they will do it right?

Do You Prepare Work, Clean Up Your Waste And Take Care Of Our Home?

A good installer is one who, among other things, before starting work ensures that all the furniture, doors, and other belongings of the client are protected. As he works, he removes dirt and remains from the floors used. And of course, he works carefully so as not to damage the walls, doors, or any furniture there may be.

How Long Will The Job Take To Run?

An installer must plan the time necessary to carry out a job. There may always be certain deviations, but not significant ones. If an “installer” does not know how to tell us how long it will take to install a stoneware floor, or a laminate floor in our home, what confidence does he give us?

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